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If you’ve made the decision to vacation in the Sunriver area, it’s safe to assume one thing: you’re ready to get out and explore! Sunriver is one of the most beautiful areas in all of the Pacific Northwest and provides no shortages of outdoor activities, including hiking, skiing, and more! But in our humble opinion, the best way to experience Sunriver is with two wheels! There is no shortage of opportunities to go biking in Sunriver, as there are over 40 miles of flat and paved trails, so where do you start? Here are our top three picks for the best biking trails in all of Sunriver.

Benham Falls Loop

One of the most beautiful and pristine areas that you can find in all of Sunriver is the Deschutes River, a 252-mile-long river that cuts straight through the heart of the Oregon wilderness and provides a cultural heart for the entire state. This river is also the perfect backdrop for your next exciting bike ride when you go on the Benham Falls Loop! This short 8-mile loop is suitable for riders of all experience levels. Most importantly, you are rewarded with spectacular views of Benham Falls itself! This is the perfect biking trail for those just looking to get out and explore the grandeur that Mother Nature has blessed the Sunriver area with and reconnect with nature itself.

Todd Lake Loop Trail

For those looking to experience the beauty of nature, but not necessarily wanting to bike so far, the Todd Lake Loop Trail is perfect. Good for all skill levels and only a short 1.7-mile ride, the Todd Lake Loop Trail provides travelers with spectacular views of both Mount Bachelor and the valleys below. One thing to be careful of on this trail though: It is moderately trafficked with both people and their furry friends, so make sure to take care and share the trail!

Sparks Lake/Lava Lakes Bike Trail

Last but certainly not least is our favorite of all of the bike trails in Sunriver: The Sparks Lake/Lava Lakes Bike Trail. Be forewarned: This trail is a challenging ride and not recommended for beginners. However, if you are an experienced rider who is looking for a challenge, the rewards you reap will be more than worth it! A 23-mile trail consisting of both pavement and dirt sections, this trail winds its way through the forests of lodgepole pines and provides riders with views that are simply breathtaking.