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Sunriver is the perfect vacation location for those looking for natural beauty and rich nature preserves. While you are off visiting the forest trails and natural landmarks, make sure you take some time to satisfy your sweet tooth. Here is a list of the best dessert and sweets locations in Sunriver, Oregon.

Goody’s Chocolate

Manufacturing around 20 tons of chocolate a year, Goody’s is a staple to Sunriver since 1984. Every delicious item is gluten-free with no additives. Made in beautiful central Oregon, Goody’s chocolates and candies can be purchased by piece or pound. Satisfy your Sunriver sweets tooth today!

La Magrie Bakery and Cafe

La Magrie Bakery and Café are serving up some local café style favorites in their cozy little restaurant. If you are looking for a sweeter option on their menu, we recommend either one of their fresh pastries made daily, like an apple turnover or a crumb bun, or one of their fresh made cookies or cupcakes. The bakery side of La Magrie makes amazing baked goods and custom cakes. These are amazing options for those looking to have a cake made for a special occasion on your vacation.

Sunriver Sweets at Powell’s Sweet Shoppe

Everyone probably has a childhood memory when they first entered a sweet shop. This candy store is pulled right out of Willy Wonka and makes you think you are in some type of dream. As a kid, you look around and are completely overwhelmed by the sheer amount of candy around you. Visitors to Powell’s will literally feel like a kid in a candy store. Pick from any one of their amazing options to satisfy your intense candy cravings. Powell’s has pretty much all candy options. Take a look at their candy by decade chart to see if they have the best candies from your childhood, or maybe even something your grandparents remember eating. Have you tried an Idaho Spud or a Twin Bing? You can travel back in time with this candy heaven.