Best Pizza Places in Sunriver, OR

Here in the Sunriver area we are incredible fortunate to have access to a number of amazing and fresh ingredients, and this means that the food you’ll find in our sleepy mountain town is truly second to none. While there are a number of incredible different types of restaurants you can find in Sunriver, the true hidden gem has to be pizza! There are a number of different options available for pizza here in Sunriver, but two restaurants in particular have truly mastered their craft and are among the best slices you’ll find anywhere in the great Northwest!

Blondie’s Pizza

We start today with a restaurant that has truly become a staple of Sunriver over the years, providing locals and tourists alike with of the most unique pies and flavors you’ll find anywhere: Blondie’s! The best thing about the pizza at Blondie’s is the number of incredible signature pizzas they have available (Sure, you can also build your own, but that’s boring!). Their menu features everything from a taco pizza (with seasoned taco meat and steak strips) to the Firehouse (with bacon and BBQ chicken), so it guarantees that you’ll find something for every taste! And an extra benefit: Delivery is free in Sunriver from 5 PM to close with an $18 minimum order. How can you beat that?

Marcello’s Cucina Italiana

While initially Italy may seem pretty far away from Sunriver, all it takes is one bite from the pizza at Marcello’s Cucina Italiana and you’ll immediately be whisked away to the shores of the Italian Peninsula. Marcello’s features an extensive selection of both contemporary and traditional Italian food, and if there’s one thing that truly sets them apart from any other pizza restaurant in Sunriver, it’s their dedication to providing you with the best food imaginable. This means that all of their dishes are made to order, and they use nothing but the freshest ingredients possible, including many obtained right here in the Sunriver area!

Their menu features a number of amazing specialty pizzas straight from Italy, including the Italian Bliss (pesto base with sundried tomato, artichoke heart, gorgonzola and mozzarella), a traditional Margherita pizza, and so much more! If you’re looking for an authentic Italian pizza pie the next time you decide to stay in Sunriver you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone that does it better than the fine people at Marcello’s Cucina Italiana.

The Top Five Brunch Spots In Sunriver

Vacation dining. These two words are responsible for a good portion of our happiness while on vacation, as we sample our way through the menus of some of the best restaurants in town. In our humble opinion, tasting the flavor of our vacation spots is the best way to get to know our temporary homes, and we think you will feel the same way while staying in Sunriver—especially when looking for a brunch spot. Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but brunch is our favorite meal, so sleep in a little later than you normally do, enjoy the crisp coolness of a Sunriver morning with a cup of coffee on the patio of your Sunriver Pines vacation rental, and head over to one of these five brunch places!

Café Sintra, 7 North Ponderosa Road

Brunch is not exclusively an American meal, and the Portuguese-inspired delicacies found here will change your life for a few minutes! Offering a list of benedict specials, the Sintra Benedict with linguica (a Portuguese sausage) is worth trying more than once!

Big Belly’s Burgers and Brews, 56815 Venture Lane, Suite #501

Because even the best mornings can be improved by a really spicy Bloody Mary, Big Belly’s Burgers and Brews had to be added to the list! Oh, don’t get us wrong, their brunch choices will tantalize your taste buds, but their Bloody Mary’s will warm the cockles of your heart!

Cohen’s Stacked Bistro, 56880 Venture Lane, Suite #104

Serving your tried and true brunch favorites while adding their special twist to the recipes, Cohen’s Stacked Bistro offers brunch done right. Chicken fried steak is made even more special when you start with a hand crusted New York Strip, and peanut butter and jelly is made more sophisticated when served as Crispy House-Made Peanut Butter and Jelly-Stuffed French Toast!

Carson’s American Kitchen, 17600 Center Drive

Sometimes eating healthy can be both tasty and good for you, and Carson’s offers healthy meals that will make your mouth water! Gluten-free whole grain banana pancakes will have you wondering what you ever saw in regular pancakes, and the Carson’s Croissant, served with egg whites, basil pesto, heirloom tomatoes, spinach, and turkey will forever change the way you consider the perfect breakfast sandwich.

Your Sunriver Pines Vacation Rental

Everyone knows that the best brunches are the ones you create yourself, so why not stay in one morning and enjoy the comfort, luxuries, and amenities of your Sunriver Pines vacation home away from home a little more? Reserve yours today and you will understand why the best vacation rentals can make the best vacations even better!

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