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Top 5 Sightseeing Hotspots in Sunriver

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The town of Sunriver is known for its exquisite beauty and ample recreation, which is why so many choose to come visit the area and stay with us. While you’re here, there are a myriad of sightseeing spots that you can check out! Read on below to learn more. There are plenty of things to do in Sunriver Oregon.

Sunriver Observatory

Take in the dazzling spectacle of the Sunriver night sky at the Sunriver Observatory. Its facilities house as many as eleven telescopes. You’ll also encounter the Sunriver Nature Center nearby.

Lava Butte

A dormant cinder cone volcano that is estimated to be as old as 7,000 years, Lava Butte is known for its otherworldly landscape of lava rock and its wonderful hiking trails. You’ll find Lava Butte between Sunriver and Bend, just a short drive away from Sunriver proper.

Lava River Cave

Just down the road from Lava Butte, Lava River Cave is a mile-long cavern that was first discovered in 1889. Here, you can embark on self-guided or expert-guided tour of the magnificent cave, which is part of the Newberry National Volcanic Monument.

Benham Falls

This portion of the Deschutes River is nestled between Sunriver and Bend and contains a marvelously scenic trailhead. Benham Falls’ rapids are categorized as Class 5 for whitewater rafting, kayaking, and canoeing, meaning that only experts should attempt these rapids. However, the hiking and biking offered on the nearby trail—which has footbridges and trail paths that connect to Lava Butte, Lava River Cave, Dillon Falls, Lava Island Falls, and even the city of Bend itself—is fantastic.

The Village at Sunriver

The Village is the hub of Sunriver, where visitors can shop, dine, and partake in family-friendly activities. Grab a bite to eat at El Caporal or Café Sintra, followed by dessert from Goody’s or Hot Lava Baking Co. Alpine Entertainment offers visitors the chance to ice skate, ride bumper cars or the Alpine Train, play mini-golf, see a movie outdoors, climb the rock wall, or play in the bouncy house. Pick up a souvenir to remember your vacation by in the form of a new outfit from The Closet, fishing gear from The Hook Fly Shop, or a unique rock- or gem-themed item from Sunriver Rock and Gem.

Sunriver Pines – Your Gateway to Adventure

For more information on these iconic sightseeing destinations and other Sunriver Oregon things to do, contact our reservation specialists today and book your lodgings in one of our pristine vacation rentals! We offer a vast selection of properties, including 1 Cherrywood, a beautiful five-bedroom home.