Well, it’s happened again: Another summer has flown past, and you haven’t taken the time to stop and enjoy the season. We get it. Life is busy, and sometimes you just can’t get away. We’re not judging you, we are just urging you to stop, take a breath, and refill your energy tanks with an end of summer sabbatical in our naturally beautiful Oregon village. It’s time to say sayonara to summer with a peaceful stay in a Sunriver Pines vacation cabin—you deserve it!

Spend Some Time in a Saddle at these Activities in Sunriver, Oregon

It’s hard to get more relaxing than by exploring the beauty of Sunriver atop a magnificent steed—one who happens to be gentle and easygoing as well! Sunriver Stables, at 57215 River Road, offers trail rides, lessons, and pony rides for an opportunity to discover the gentler side of Sunriver during these activities in Sunriver, Oregon. Costs range from $15 for pony rides up to $90 for trail rides and lessons.

Take a Spa Day 

It sometimes feels selfish when we take time for ourselves, especially when so many other things seem to top our priority lists, but if you don’t take care of you, you are not going to have the energy to take care of others! Enjoy a spa day at Sage Springs Spa & Club, located at 17600 Center Drive, and refill your energy reservoirs!

Golf Vacations Center Your Soul

Golf can be frustrating, aggravating, expensive, and tiring, but for the true fan, there is no better way to fill their vacation hours! The season is almost over in Sunriver, but it’s not too late to play a few rounds while the weather is perfect! Woodland’s Golf Course at 17890 West Core Road is a local fave!

Take a Hike

Sunriver is home to over 30 miles of paved trails through some of the most breathtaking landscapes on earth. Catch the beginnings of the leaves changing, breath in that crisp air, and savor the silence that surrounds you. Next week you will be back in the land of traffic jams and angry bosses, and these moments will be your saviors.

Stay Home and Recharge

Your Sunriver Pines vacation home away from home offers all the necessities for a relaxing and recharging experience. There’s almost no need to leave the property! Sleep late in beds so soft you may think they are clouds in disguise, play a game of pool in the game room, or simply sit on the deck enjoying coffee, conversation, and the rugged beauty of the scenery that surrounds you. Reserve yours today before summer completely passes you by!