While many people declare Christmas their favorite time of year, it’s Halloween that has our hearts, thanks in no small part to the costumes, scary movies, and delicious sweet treats that we “borrow” from our children’s stash! This is a holiday where you never feel too old to celebrate and the sense of excitement never dies down. Anticipation vibrates through the air as All Hallows Eve grows closer. Sunriver is a small town with the heart of an excited child, and the festivities found here will bring a warmth to your heart, just as the candies bring a smile to your taste buds!

Halloween in the Village, 57100 Beaver Drive 

If you are vacationing on Halloween in Sunriver, your younger children might be a tad peeved at you for making them miss out on their favorite holiday, but never fear: Halloween in the Village means they won’t miss out on any of the fun! Starting at 4PM on October 31st and ending at 6PM, there will be games, a bouncy house, and store-to-store trick or treating for the children in your life. If you didn’t bring a costume, go early and purchase one there!

Halloween in Sunriver: Haunted Spots in Sunriver

Who needs a manufactured haunted house when you can be scared of the real thing? The most haunted places in Sunriver allow you the opportunity to see, hear, or maybe even be touched by a real ghost! Make sure that your waitress is real when visiting the O’Kane Building; there’s rumors of one old gal who apparently really loved her job and continues to shout out the orders of customers decades after her death!

Scary Movie Marathons in Your Sunriver Pines Cabin

Sometimes the best fun can be found at home, or in this case, your Sunriver Pines vacation cabin! Start a fire in the fireplace, pour yourself a glass of grog (beer or wine is a perfect substitute!), and prop yourself in front of the television for a night of spooky delights! There’s no better way to celebrate our favorite holiday than with the one you love. Keep the lights off for better ambience; the harvest moon and the flickering lights on the screen give off just the right amount of spooky light! And remember, Halloween is only a few weeks away, so reserve your cabin today before your favorite is chosen by someone else!