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Getting a Place to Stay in Sunriver

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Vacations can be expensive. Between having to rent a place to stay, pay for food, souvenirs, and tourist attractions fees, and of course, the biggest expense of all, purchasing airline tickets for every member of the family, it can take the better part of a year to pay everything off. And then it’s time to start planning your next trip and start the whole cycle all over again. Now that you have chosen a place to stay in Sunriver with one of our vacation rentals, you’ve managed to save a little more money than if you stayed somewhere else, and we want to help you save even more by helping you find some great deals on travel.

Use an Airfare Search Site

While a road trip can provide some of the most scenic drives Oregon has to offer, flying is your most convenient travel option. You’ve probably seen search sites advertised on television or online that promise they can find you the best fares for your Sunriver sojourn, and some of them actually do. Be warned, though; many practice shady techniques to get your business and then actually do not find you the best price. Priceline is actually a good example of this.

Unless you’re extremely flexible on travel dates, willing to change flights multiple times or deal with layovers, your best bet is to try Momondo.com. If you haven’t heard of it before now, you’re going to fall in love with us even more when you try it for the first time! The site is easy to navigate, and many more times than not, it offers the lowest airfares possible, which leads to saving you big bucks on your tickets to our Oregon paradise! For those who prefer choices, Skyscanner and Google Flights come in second and third places respectively for finding the best deals on airline tickets.

Consider a Place to Stay in Sunriver During the Off Season

Although it is beautiful at any time of the year, the least expensive time to fly to Sunriver occurs in early autumn after children have gone back to school. The weather is cooler, but not as cold as it will be in the winter, and the trees are just beginning to change at this time, so there’s still plenty to do and see—you just don’t have to spend as much money getting there!

Choose Sunriver Pines

We care about our guests and are excited to be able to help them find their way to our favorite place on earth. Reserve your stay with us today and fall in love with the warmth and welcoming ambience you’ll find in each and every one of our homes and cabins!