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Hotels vs Luxury Sunriver Rentals

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Over the years we have been conditioned to book a hotel room when traveling on vacation, and for a while this made total sense. Previously, unless you were able to stay with friends or family, a hotel was your only option. But times have changed: The rotary phone is an oddity that belongs in the museum, televisions no longer have tubes, and hotels are only good for when you are kicked out of your home or are on an extended road trip, only staying for a night in each place. Today’s travelers love the convenience, affordability, and comfort of a vacation home, and during your visit to Sunriver, you’re going to fall in love with all the wonders offered in our Sunriver Pines cozy cabins and luxury Sunriver rentals!

Room to Breathe

Even couples traveling alone can appreciate those moments of peace and quiet behind closed doors, and if you have the entire family with you, cramming everyone into one small room can be an unmitigated disaster! A vacation home allows everyone to have their own comfortable space, and having multiple bathrooms alleviates morning traffic jams. Your teenage princess can take all the time she likes making herself look pretty and no one will be banging on the door yelling out her name in frustration.

Save Money on Meals

Some hotels do offer complimentary breakfasts, but there are still two other meals in the day. Multiplied by however many people are traveling together for however many days, all this eating out adds up to an enormous food budget! Staying in one of our cozy Sunriver, Oregon cabins with their fully equipped kitchens allows guests to pick and choose their dining out experiences; stock up at the Sunriver Country Store and take turns sharing the meal prep and clean-up. You can use that money you save for the important stuff such as souvenirs and sightseeing attractions!

Enjoy Luxury Sunriver Rentals

You worked hard to get to where you are right now, and you deserve to be spoiled. Our luxury rentals offer the extras that will make your stay special, like fully equipped kitchens with high-end appliances such as a wine chiller, wood floors, fireplaces, and floor to ceiling windows that offer views that will take your breath away! You may also find game rooms with ping pong tables and hot tubs on the decks. These luxuries can make an already excellent vacation turn into something exceptionally wonderful!

Make the Right Choice with Sunriver Pines

The choice is clear: A Sunriver vacation in one of our Sunriver Pines vacation rentals is the only way to go! Reserve yours today and discover why you will never say yes to a hotel room again.