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River Views from a Cabin in Sunriver

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The call of the water, we’ve all heard it and been drawn to the banks and shores. Peaceful and tranquil in the best of times, powerful and angry during the worst of times, but still, we can’t stay away. We vacation at the beach, fish in lakes, and kayak on rivers, never tiring of its beauty, and when you stay in one of our Sunriver Pines homes with a river view, you can fall asleep to the sounds of the water peacefully meandering along its windy and curvy way! Grab a pole and walk to its banks for a morning of fishing, or simply sit in a chair on the deck quietly watching wildlife gathering at its banks early each morning. From a cabin or one of our luxury vacation rentals, Sunriver Pines can provide moments like this and for people like you!

Adding an Extra Sparkle to Your Vacation Experience

The best part of staying in one of our Sunriver Pines river view homes is knowing that like sprinkles on a cupcake, the view just adds an extra sparkle to an already stunning experience! Built to complement the scenery around them, the exterior does more than hint at the beauty inside; large porches, fenced-in yards, and a lush landscape with simple paths leading to front doors in many different colors invite you to come inside and stay awhile.

Once inside, although each home is different and offers different features and amenities, they all share a warm, welcoming feeling you will never find in a hotel. Large kitchens filled with modern appliances and custom cabinetry are designed to take the chore out of meal prep; you won’t mind creating a meal or two during your stay!

Wander into the living areas, where even in our larger luxury vacation rentals, Sunriver always provides a cozy atmosphere. A fire in the fireplace, a chair next to the window, and a good book can turn a rainy day into a warm adventure. Some homes come with boardgames, ping pong tables, or even pool tables, allowing for healthy competition family style; pop some popcorn, heat up some cocoa, and take no enemies!

Our bedrooms are serene places where you will get the best sleep of your lives, and our bathrooms have their own spa-like simplicity and charm. Our attention to detail creates a vacation home your entire family will love!

From a Luxury Home to a Small Cabin in Sunriver, the Choice is Yours

The right choice is an easy one for our guests; reserve your river view home today and answer the call of the water.