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All About Sunriver – Things to Do in Sunriver

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Sunriver began as a resort community. In the late 60s, clever developers recognized how happy people would be to come to central Oregon and enjoy its splendor. It’s southwest of Bend, Oregon, and isn’t technically its own city. Rather, it’s a mixture of vacation homes, resorts, and residential properties. So what brings so many people to stay in the nine-square-miles we call Sunriver?

The Great Outdoors

America’s beautiful northwest is its own national treasure, as fantastic as the concrete jungles of New York or the cathedrals of Italy. Rivers run freely in one of the less-tamed regions of the continent, and sprawling forests let you commune with nature in ways lost to most cities. The gorgeous mountains rise like backdrops from a movie—yet all the greater because you know that if you drive there, you can climb them yourself!

Sunriver is in a great spot to enjoy all this majesty, enjoying access to a variety of trails for both leisurely and serious hikes. Plus, the Deschutes River nearby is fine for kayaking and other aquatic adventures during the summer. Bring a camera, because if you’ve never been to the Pacific Northwest, you’ll want to capture forever each new moment of discovery!

Amicable Weather—Sunshine and Snow

The summers are pleasantly cool in Sunriver, with highs never reaching ninety degrees. This makes it a great place for sports that work up a sweat! Plus, rain is rare, meaning schedules are almost never canceled. Things cool off quickly in October, with lows hovering around 20 degrees from November through March. The people of Sunriver take this in stride though, as winter is also Sunriver’s wetter season—ski resorts like Mount Bachelor open for business and residents and tourists enjoy the thrill of the slopes! No matter the time of year, there’s always things to do in Sunriver.

Sunriver Sundries

Summer or winter, there’s plenty to do in Sunriver! As a resort town, all the greatest traditional vacation activities are available. Spas and golfing are a given, but horseback riding is available too! While you’re out, see landmarks like the Trail of Molten Lands at the Newberry National Volcanic Monument. Make the trip educational, with establishments like the Sunriver Nature Center and the Oregon Observatory.

Plus, of course, there’s great shopping options at The Village. Head out to fill your ice cream craving or grab a beer, or maybe just park somewhere and enjoy the adventure of shopping in a new area: strolling down the sidewalk, wondering what the next shop might hold.

Who is Sunriver Pines?

Sunriver Pines Vacation Homes are your ticket to the maximum enjoyment of the Sunriver area. We’re locally-based experts in property management and guest satisfaction. We own rental homes in the Sunriver resort, and have expanded to Bend, Oregon as well. We’re happy to provide everything necessary for a stress-free vacation, including a sparklingly clean home with internet, TV, washers and dryers, and equipped kitchens. If you want to explore Sunriver, call us at 541-797-9165! We’d be happy to help you find all your favorite things to do in Sunriver during your stay.