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Traveling with Disabilities: Scenic Places in Oregon

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Sometimes the most difficult part of any vacation is finding accessible homes, restaurants, or tourist attractions that can be enjoyed by all members of your traveling party, including ones that may be differently abled than others. Constantly having to seek out places that offer ramps or are on flat ground, being able to maneuver through stores with tight aisles when a wheelchair is the only way you can get around, or even managing to find a good vacation rental that doesn’t have stairs and isn’t filled with obstacles can be discouraging. Sunriver Pines is sensitive to those who have special needs, and this guide will help your differently abled family member enjoy a 100% accessible vacation!

Dining Out in Sunriver

All our restaurants in Sunriver are 100% accessible, so there’s no need to fear you’ll miss out on a great meal. A couple of our favorite places to eat include Big Belly’s Burgers & Brew at 56815 Venture Lane #501 or Café Sinatra at 7 North Ponderosa Road; both of these delicious eateries offer outdoor seating and hearty dishes that please the soul as they fill the stomach! Hola! Sunriver serves mouthwateringly delicious Mexican-Peruvian meals, so if you have a taste for something spicy, this is the place to go!

One of the Most Scenic Places in Oregon

Sightseeing can be difficult for the disabled, and while there are things you may not be able to do, we prefer to discuss the activities and adventures that you CAN do! Apart from provides some of the best scenic drives in Oregon, Sunriver offers more than great views from the road. The Oregon Adaptive Sports Program (OAS) is designed to ensure that no one is left behind, offering group activities or private sessions that include skiing in the winter, kayaking at Lava Lake, or hikes along trails that are accessible to wheelchairs, walkers, canes, or crutches and are amongst the most scenic places in Oregon. These trails are also simple for people with vision impairments to manage with their dogs, canes, or simply with a little help from their family.

Sunriver Pines Welcomes Everyone

Many of our homes and cabins are on one level, making it easy for the disabled to find their way around. The furnishings are plush and comfortable but displayed in such a way a wheelchair can maneuver through the room without running into too many obstacles. And because we understand every guests have different needs, disabled or not, we won’t say anything if you need to push a chair out of the way, or move the coffee table to the side of the room. Your comfort and convenience are what matters most to us! Reserve your stay today and discover all the things you can do in our warm and welcoming properties.