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Weekly Sunriver Rentals

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While you can never go wrong with a weekend getaway in Sunriver, Oregon, there is so much to take advantage of here that it is impossible to do so in such a short time. That is why many people choose to spend a week or more in the area in one of our weekly Sunriver rentals. For these people, weekly rentals with Sunriver Pines Vacation Homes are perfect, and there are endless reasons why you should take advantage during your next trip to the area. Browse our luxury vacation rentals Oregon and find the perfect place for you and your family!

Live Like a Local

Visiting Sunriver for a week or longer allows you the opportunity to live like a local. Buy groceries from the Sunriver Country Store at 57100 Beaver Drive, stocking up on fresh vegetables for your healthy eating habits (and baked goods because you ARE on vacation) or eat at the secret, under-the-radar restaurants that Sunriver residents are proud to call their own. Taco Tuesday at Village Bar & Grill is where you’ll find most us on just about every Tuesday of the month. Reasonably priced and absolutely delicious, we hope to see you there as well!

For those traveling with children, Live, Love, Laugh, Art offers walk-in pottery painting where you and your family can choose from hundreds of pieces of pottery, paint them, then come back the next day and they will have fired each of your pieces, giving you a souvenir of your family-oriented vacation in Sunriver that you just won’t find anywhere else! The lowest priced pieces cost about $20 and go up from there, and the fun that you can have makes it worth every penny you spend!

Endless Fun and Opportunity

Sunriver is an absolute haven for those who enjoy the outdoors. Mountains, rivers, valleys, hills, and endless forest make for a great playground for the outdoors enthusiasts. Take fun hikes to beautiful locations like Benham Falls. Enjoy some fun in the water at Paulina Plunge where you can ride the stream down a smooth rock bed like a natural waterslide. Find a standup paddle boards, kayaks, and more at the Sunriver Marina. Or get closer to the stars out here by paying a visit to the Oregon Observatory, where you can learn about and actually see our universe like never before.

While the natural beauty and opportunity goes a long way in attracting visitors to Sunriver, there is also a lot to love about the community here. Like many places in Oregon, this is also a great place to visit for the lovers of beer. There are so many unique and local breweries throughout town, that each provide an enjoyable visit. You can find endless art galleries that showcase the one of a kind creativity of the area. And there are endless bars, restaurants, and theaters where you can find delicious food and fun times before retreating to one of our cozy Sunriver rentals to recharge your batteries.

Nightlife in Sunriver

Now while our idea of nightlife often runs towards the thought of sleeping out under the stars, we still like to get out and celebrate the life we lead here in Sunriver! Places like the Twisted River Tavern, 17600 Center Drive, offer a friendly atmosphere and Happy Hour specials that are affordable for every budget. Another well-loved option is Mountain Jug, located at 56805 Venture Lane. A perfect place to visit on those nights when you just want to listen to some good music, play retro video games, and drink beer, there’s no artifice here, just good times and even better beers!

Incredible Sunriver Rentals

There are few qualities of a vacation rental that make for an amazing place to spend a vacation. One of the most significant is the location, but you also need to consider amenities, aesthetic appeal, and convenience. You can be sure the properties provided by Sunriver Pines Vacation Homes check all of these boxes. You can find quality Sunriver rentals in the best locations around town from the heart of downtown to the quiet neighborhoods surrounding. You can find quality amenities in full kitchens, quality and cozy furnishings, fireplaces, and much more. You can find aesthetic appeal in beautiful design, spacious floor plans, and rustic décor reminiscent of simple living in this beautiful wilderness. And convenience comes with high speed internet, washers and dryers, and much more.

Offering More than Good Looks

Yes, our homes are beautiful to look at it, but it’s the warmth and welcome found inside that will make you glad you decided to spend your week here! Spending quality time with family is not something we are able to do in everyday life, but in a Sunriver Pines vacation escape you’ll discover it’s simple, fun, and easy. Game nights in the living room, sharing meal prep duties in our fully equipped kitchens, or watching the sun set over the mountains from the hot tub on the porch are small moments that make the most magical memories; this is exactly what you can expect when you stay with us.

Spend a week in Sunriver and you are sure to have found one of your new favorite places for a vacation!